Terms of Business

Terms & Conditions

For all projects, a signed Client Welcome Pack and Service Agreement / Contract is required prior to any work commencing. The Service Agreement outlines all website details so that no confusion can occur as to what is expected by both parties.

Written quotations will be provided prior to any work commencing.Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions

Each contract will state the number of pages, changes and general information in regards to requests from clients.

For reasons of safety and insurance, personal visits to the MoltenRock premises are not permitted.

MoltenRock recommends any original documents to be sent via secure post.

MoltenRock will not be held liable or responsible for the end use of any document or work carried out by us.

MoltenRock retains the right to reject work which involves material believed to be illegal, immoral or objectionable.

Websites and/or images may carry a watermark until full payment is received. All websites will be password protected until full payment is received unless otherwise arranged.

Contracts can be terminated with 10 business days with written notice by either party.

MoltenRock reserves the right to charge for any work carried out prior to cancellation. Although every effort will be made to ensure reliable service, in event of equipment failure, MoltenRock cannot be held liable for any loss of information.

Charges & Payments

Estimate/Quote vs. Final/Actual Cost

All quoted estimates are provided to the best of MoltenRock’s ability after review of the Client’s written project request.

Final invoices are based on actual project requirements and may change if the scope of the project changes. Difference in excess of 20% WILL BE discussed with the Client prior to project completion.

All quoted rates will be honoured for a period of 30 days. After 30 days rates are subject to change.

All invoices must be paid in full before completed work is sent to the client, unless a prior arrangement is made.

Payment Terms

Invoices will be issued electronically and payment can be made by Direct Debit.

All charges are billed as per agreement as laid out in the contract between the client and MoltenRock. For website development charging will happen on with a pro-rata rate, where each level of work will be invoiced for and further work will continue after payment is received.

If a client’s original requirements change, MoltenRock reserves the right to change the original quotation following suitable consultation with client.

Payment is strictly 7 days from receipt of invoice.

Failure to pay within 7 days will result in a $15 penalty charge.

Any and all costs incurred for chasing and/or recovering the outstanding payment will be added to account.

Telephone, travel expenses, royalty free stock photography/videos, SMS/MMS broadcasting and other expenses will be charged separately to hourly rate / package cost where incurred.

All charges will be reviewed on 1st July each year and clients will be notified of any new charges in writing.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

No information will be made available to any third party.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

MoltenRock aim is to communicate with you by such methods as you may reasonably request. It is recommended that you virus check electronic media and emails as, although MoltenRock takes reasonable precautions, MoltenRock cannot guarantee that all electronic data is virus free.

MoltenRock will communicate with you and others when appropriate by email, and Skype but MoltenRock cannot be responsible for the security of correspondence and documents sent by email or Skype.

By accepting these Terms of Business, you give informed consent to enable us to communicate with you on confidential matters by email and Skype, unless you have asked us not to do so.