Pricing Packages

Websites Developed


Starting at $569 plus GST the Small Business Website is ideal for StartUps and Small Business with a limited budget.

Bonus included: Help with your branding.

Blog Sites start from as little as $299 plus GST Bonus included: Teach you how to upload your first post.

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We design for you

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5 page Website

You will have a professionally built website, visually appealing to site visitors and structured to maximize and to convert your visitors into customers.
Your site will be developed using WordPress. You will have control over the content of the site. 
The look and feel of this level of site is customised to your business within our Small Business Site structure.
At this level of site we enter 5 pages of content. You are able to enter unlimited pages yourself  using WordPress once the site is live.

Just want a Blog site?

MoltenRock can set you up a 3 page Blog site in WordPress from $397 plus GST.

We can teach you how to add content, add images and monitor your comments. Get started with your own Blog now. Start the conversation here.

Professional Training Provided

You will receive professional training on how to use and work with your website. Including familiarisation with the back-end of the WordPress site.

This training will usually take up to half an hour with our trainer.


All of our sites are:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Look great
  • Fast
  • Interact with Google
  • Hosted reliably
  • Allow you to have an online presence that will help you with your clients.


Security Plugins Included

To help protect your site from spammers and hackers we will include a security plugin that can lock down your site and protect it.

There will always be someone trying to attack a great site, but you will have some inbuilt protection.

We will also include a couple of extra features to help secure your site.

We will look after YOU!

We may be much cheaper than other companies who build a similar standard of website. We are also more caring. We will look after you and care about your business needs.

Help you with you Domain Name and Website Hosting

MoltenRock can help you with you Domain Name and Website hosting. We are experienced in this and can make life as simple as possible for  you.

Maintain your website


Starting at $59.99/mth plus GST this package is ideal for small businesses who want the security of knowing that their website is looked after and backed up, without the hassle of having to do it themselves. Bonus included: Uploading of 2-3 images to your website each month.
Customised updating packages available.

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We are here to help you

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Full Site Fortnightly Backups

A full backup made of your site fornightly. This includes posts, images and new or altered pages. 

Weekly backups are provided for an additional charge of $15/mth.

Weekly Backup of Database

The WordPress Database is the one irreplaceable section of your WordPress site. All of the text content in your posts and on your pages; all of your widgets and changes in the WordPress Dashboard (including your Settings, Plugin Settings, Theme Settings) and all of your Users is stored in the database.

You can re install or replace your WordPress Theme (with it's default settings), upload new images, or install new Plugins (again with default settings); however it's not so easy to rewrite all of  your content.

We will do a weekly backup of all of this for you.

Weekly Plugin & Theme Updates

To help with security of your site and to ensure that it runs smoothly, a weekly check of all the plugins and themes is performed on a weekly basis. Each Plugin or Theme is updated when necessary.

Customised Updating Packages

Customised packages are available including uploading of text content, videos or additional images/photos to your site. Cost can vary depending on your needs. So ask our developer to have a personalised package put together just for you and your needs. You can have this bundled together with your Website Maintenance package, or as a separate purchase. 


Starting at $399 plus GST  we can redesign your website.

Bonus included: Help you map the flow of your site.

Re-Branding? We can incorporate your new look into your website redesign.

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We work with you.

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Are you rebranding?


Are you rebranding your business? 

We can help you incorporte your new branding into your current website.

Interested? Start a conversation here.


Website looking tired?

Is your website looking tired? If your products and services are awesome but your website is not then you are not going to make as many sales as you would otherwise. Let's face it, that's not what you want out of your website.

We can work with you to refresh your website and make it look like a sparkling new site. Get noticed again online with a redesigned and refreshed website. We'll work with you to make sure your design looks fresh and modern and is the look you and your customers will love.


Do you have a website that you would like to alter? Perhaps change the functionality, alter the look? Maybe the content is no longer relevant or it's simply just too old fashioned. MoltenRock can redesign your website so that it is more functional, sleeker, more modern and more SEO friendly.

Businesses can outgrow their existing website and sometimes it is easier to redesign your existing website or simply tweak it to make improvements. We have several clients we have done this for. If this is what you believe you need then we are chat with us about this. We'll give you an honest opinion and a quote.

Get online with Social Media


Starting at $79 plus GST
our Social Media Setup is ideal for small businesses who would like to get onto Social Media but don't know how to begin.

 Bonus included: Teaching you how to post to multiple sites at the same time.

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We can get you online with Social Media

We can get your business online and using Social Media quickly and easily. Click on the headings below to find out more.

What is Social Media?

Social Media refers to the online sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest; just to name a few.

Having a Social Media presence was once thought of as an option for a business. However the Internet has turned this around. Now a business tends to stand out more if it doesn't have a Social Media presence in the online world. So what this means is that if you have a website it is assumed that you will have a Social Media presence. In fact you business may stand out more if you are not online. Having a Social Media presence has become an integral way to connect with your customers or clients. It can help you to grow your customer base.

Having a branded Social Media presence allows you to let your customers know what you are about, to communicate with with you and your promotions in real-time and allows you to engage with your customers in real time.

Social media comes down to not just what you share but how and when. Social media isn’t a one- size-fits-all approach. At MoltenRock we know what sites work best for your business type and target market. Our team is experienced  coming up with strategies to improve and assist how you connect with your customers.

Interested? Start a conversation here.



Would you like a Facebook business or fan page? We can set this up for you with your branded look. We can teach you how to edit it yourself, post to your page and upload photos and videos. If you like we can show you the basics of advertising as well. We will also show you how to look at your Facebook insights and statistics.


Do you want a Twitter account. MoltenRock can help you by getting a Twitter handle/name and teach you about tweeting and researching with Analytics.


Have you wondered about Pinterest? We can set up a branded account, create some boards and show you how to pin to them. Get your projects, handcrafts or even interests online today.


Are you on LinkedIn? If you are in business and not on LinkedIn it may be detrimental to your business. We will set you up on LinkedIn, show you how to request referrals and even help you set up a branded business/company page.


Do you have a lot of visual content you can share. One way is to use Instagram. Take photos and instantly share with your followers. Get likes and people will follow you. MoltenRock can set up your branded Instagram account and help you to start getting online. Start the conversation here.


Do you use Gmail? Have you wondered about a Google+ account? MotlenRock can set you up a Google+ account and show you how to share content, create circles, and add and get mentions.  Want to know more? Start the conversation here.

Multipe Site Setup

For as little as $189 plus GST  
MoltenRock will set you up with 3 branded Social Media profiles of your choice. We will offer guidance as to the best sites to work with based on your business and customers, however the final decision will be up to you. 

This package includes linking your Social Media profiles via clickable icons on your business website. Start the conversation here.