Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone "hack" a website?

It can be difficult to understand why a hacker would even want to try to break into your website, especially if you are a small or even home based business.

There basically 3 main reasons that hackers would want to get into your website

  • They want to use it to send out spam email, now this can be anything from porn to other harmful viruses.
  • They want to gain access to your data, your mailing list, your credit card details, etc
  • They want to gain access to your site and cause it to download malicious software onto your end user’s machine or they want to install malicious software for use on your site.

Security in WordPress is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren't taken. This article will go through some common forms of vulnerabilities, and the things you can do to help keep your WordPress installation secure.

Frour very real things that can be done to help keep your site safe are:

  1. Use a strong password.
  2. Keep your website, plugins and themes up-to-date
  3. Use security plugins
  4. Ensure you have a reliable web host

Check out the WordPress Codex for more information.

What’s The Deal With Paid Search Submissions?

The simple answer is no, a search engine submission isn’t necessary. The majority of search engines, notably Google, crawl and index pages by following links. By that logic, a single inbound link from any previously indexed page will identify your page to the engine.

Many SEO companies offer paid search submissions but beware: It doesn’t cost anything to get indexed by the major search engines. And it shouldn’t cost you anything, either. 

Just a note that paid search engine submission can speed up the process of you being 'found' on the web. However nothing beats great and original content.

Can Any Inbound Linking Hurt My Ranking?

The answer is clear and simple: No, inbound linking cannot hurt your search ranking. If inbound were to hurt your rank, your competitors would continually link to your site from link farms. Such a scenario is beyond your control. For this reason, Google cannot and does not penalize your site for any inbound linking.

Are Blogs Good for SEO?

Whether blogs are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes is actually irrelevant - the content is key. Blogs are simply publishing platforms. WordPress started out as a blogging platform. Having said that, the ability to produce high quality content on an ongoing basis can be made much easier by leveraging blog software - especially for the for non-technical user.

How Do I Make My Site Search Engine Friendly?

The best way to make your site more search engine friendly is often to simply add more text, images or video. The content must add value and be on topic, but the addition will create a new set of keywords and phrases for the search engines to crawl. Think of these terms as new ‘gateways’ for the engines - the additional information will open a new doorway for traffic.

Any hints and tips about blogs?

Here is a great tip from an Aussie blogger -
Love the readers you already have. A lot of bloggers get quite obsessed with finding new readers – to the point that they ignore the ones they already have. Yes – do try to find new readers but spend time each day showing your current readers that you value them too and you’ll find that they will help you grow your blog.

Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger